Selling at American Antiques Auction is Easy.

  • American Antiques Auction are principally Estatesettlers©.
  • Ninety-nine percent of the antiques and valuables sold are from Private Estates, and are "sold without reserve" (without needing to reach a minimum price).
  • Estate Treasures Auctions are conducted the first Thursday evening of each month. For more information click Events.
  • The Sales are Free and Open to the Public.
  • The Sales usually include: antique furniture, rugs, paintings, jewelry, silver, glassware, pottery, porcelain, china, bronzes, and clocks.
  • The Sales are often highlighted with various "Collections."
  • Some of the Collections sold in 1999 included: The Dreyfus Enameled Pocket-Watch Collection; The Van Derveer Battery-Operated Toy Collection; The Carraturo Regina Music-Box Collection; The Minicozzi Cookie-Jar Collection; and The Macchi Walking-Stick Collection.
  • The price range of individual items sold at American Antiques Auction usually runs from a low of $100, or several hundred dollars, to a high of perhaps $10,000 or so.
  • Items accepted for consignment to the auction are usually expected to be in good order. However, we would consider offering something for sale even if it were "as found" (damaged) if the market were interested in it even in its present condition.
  • For an immediate free evaluation of your antiques and valuables please call us at 1 (732) 238-6868.