Buying at American Antiques Auction is Easy.

  • All sales are free and open to the public.
  • Ninety-nine percent of the antiques and valuables sold are from private estates, and are "sold without reserve" (without needing to reach a minimum price).
  • Antique dealers generally agree that in order to "sell something right" (at a profit), you have to "buy it right"! Even first time auction-goers can employ this strategy.
    • First - You want to thoroughly examine the items you are interested in, and find out everything you possibly can about them (age, condition, dimensions, etc.)
    • Second - You want to decide in advance the most you would be willing to pay for the items you are interested in. And,
    • Third - This is the hard part... You want to drop out of the bidding if it surpasses your pre-determined high bid.
  • NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, bid on anything without thoroughly inspecting it first!!!
  • If you are not familiar with something you are interested in, the staff will be glad to tell you everything you would ever want to know about it, before the auction begins.
  • If you follow this advice you will make fewer mistakes to regret.
  • Remember, most items in the sale are "sold as is". Although, precious metals and diamonds are guaranteed as represented.
Registering to Bid is Simple

  • Make sure you bring a valid driver's license, major credit card, or passport for identification.
  • The cashier will help you fill out a simple Registration Form.
  • At this point you will receive a Bidder's Number Card. It is best not to lend your bidder's number card to strangers ... You will be held responsible for all purchases made against that number!!!
Bidding is Also Quite Simple

At first, the auction room might seem crowded, noisy, hectic. It is!!! But almost immediately you will become part of the activity.
  • You'll watch, and you'll see what lot is being offered for sale. You'll listen, and you'll hear what bid the auctioneer is asking for.
  • If you are willing to bid what the auctioneer is asking for raise your hand or hold up your Bidder's Number Card.
  • The auctioneer will acknowledge your bid.
  • Continue to bid until either you have reached your limit, and dropped out, or you are the successful bidder, and the auctioneer calls out sold!!!
  • Hold up your Bidder's Number Card so the Auction Clerk can record your bidder's number and the selling price. The item is now yours! Put it in a safe place. You are now responsible for it!
  • If at any time you lose track of what is being sold, or what the bid is, just say, out loud, "Excuse Me," and the auctioneer will be happy to answer your question.
Absentee Bidding

If you are unable to attend the live auction, you are welcome to leave "Absentee Bids."
  • The cashier will give you an Absentee Bid Form to fill out, indicating the items you wish to bid on, and your maximum bids.
  • When these items come up for sale, the staff will bid on your behalf, trying to purchase these items for as little as possible, never exceeding your high bid.
  • You will be notified of the outcome.
  • On higher ticket items, you may also request to "Phone Bid" while the live auction is in progress.
Antiques Quotient

If you want to find out how much you know about antiques, try this:
  • Before an item is introduced, describe it in your mind, and see if you are right.
  • Better yet, before the "Lot" is sold, imagine what it will sell for, and see if you are right!
  • If you are any good at this, let us know. We are always looking for good help!!!
Checking Out

The sale is over for the evening. You have bid gallantly ... Perhaps you were victorious ... If so, it is time to take your purchases to the cashier.

  • All items must be paid for the day of the auction.
  • A 15% Buyer's Premium is added to all purchases.
  • You will also be required to pay 6% N.J. sales tax unless exempt.
  • You are welcome to pay by cash or check.
  • If you need items shipped, or delivered, these services are available.
It is time to say goodnight ... and, "We thank you!"

Remember to check our site often for upcoming events!!!
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